Please e mail: 
absenthealing@inbox.com to include a name on our absent healing list

(including animals)

We ask the great unseen healing force

to help both present and absent ones

       who are in need of help

 and to restore them to perfect health.


                                      We put our trust in the love and power of God.

                       THE HEALING HYMN - GRACIOUS SPIRIT.


                            Gracious Spirit of thy goodness

                            hear our anxious prayer

                            take our loved ones who are suffering

                            'neath thy tender care

                            Loving Father hear us, hear us.


                            Gracious Spirit may thy presence

                            shed a healing ray

                            turning all the nights of  darkness

                            in to glorious day

                            Loving Father hear us, hear us.


                            Gracious Spirit should'st thou claim them

                            be their light and guide

                            lead them to the Heavenly Kingdom

                            safely by thy side

                            Loving father hear us, hear us.



Irene Iceton as she takes her transition love and light always

Derry Birch- Love and Healing thoughts for a safe operation and a speedy recovery

Kath McLusky - lots of love, healing and support xx

Margaret Head - love and healing

Vera W - love and Healing prayers

Mollie W - Love and Healing

Pat & Bill - Knaresborough - Love and healing thoughts

Ben D - Harrogate - Lots of love and healing prayers



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