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This year is the 75th Anniversary of Miss Flint organising a Spiritualist Church event, then slightly later, she opened this church (after it was handed back from the British Army).

The Committee are currently wishing to celebrate this with you all (We keep saying, this is your Church & wouldn't still be here if not for you).

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We will be organising some events that involve you all.

3rd June - 40’s, 50’s, 60’s theme

Mediumship - Readings - Tarot - Healing 

"from the OLD to the NEW”

Marking the opening this Spiritualist church.

We hope to make her proud.

Please read about Miss Flint's story & the opening of this Church, here;

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Whether you need to relax, try something new, try to meditate for the first time, cut out that inner chatter, meet like-minded people, experience Spiritual Healing or just enquire about becoming a Healer.

Commences at 7.30PM

We have our very own Healing Training facility (& Training Rooms on the premises)


(Healing And Natural Development Spiritually)

For more information
Terence Deighton - Secretary for H.A.N.D.S

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Spiritual healing is also available after the services

Sat 7.00 pm.  Sun 6.30 pm.  Wed (as booked) at 2.30pm

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For requests for Absent Healing email:

Open Development Circle

Friday at 7pm


For more information on any of the above

please email:

A survey filled in by our congregation has given the Committee 

some great ideas for forthcoming special events 

High Profile Speakers.
Talks and demonstrations on Spiritual Healing.
Talks on Various topics of Spiritualism.
Workshops on the following - Clairvoyance, Colour Healing, 
Colour Therapies,Crystals,Spiritual Development.
Social Occasions with food provided.

It's great to see so many people in touch with us via the Website and Face book as well as visiting our beautiful Church. We welcome you all - if you only visit once - it was meant to be... you are always welcome to return.

(Numbers are responses received)

Special Events 

Demonstration of Clairvoyance with High Profile Speakers -16
Trance Demonstration -9
Talks on various topics of Spiritualism -13
Talks and demonstrations on Spiritual Healing -13
Other - Meditation, Colours, Angels, Physic Suppers, Physical Mediumship,
Open circle on weekend nights? (with audience), Psychic Art Demonstrations,     sessions for people new to Spiritualism, sessions on an informal basis especially regarding philosophy


Do you want workshops   -  YES

Clairvoyant Workshops - 14
Workshops on Colour Healing/Colour Therapies -16
Crystal Workshops -16
Spiritual Development -19
Other - Physical Mediumship. Spiritual Development needs a beginners class. Tarot
Workshops / Evenings for developing Rostrum work (opening prayers/philosophy - how to present succinctly)Card Reading - Angel Cards & Oracle Cards

 Church Services

Are you happy with the presentations  Yes. Some are good some not.
most of the time.
Philosophy - 11
Clairvoyance -14 

Social Occasions

Start up again  
YES -23,  NO - 1
Home Cooked Supper - 8
Pie and Peas - 7
Cold Buffet - 11
Other - 
Fish & Chip Supper, Home-made Soup & Roll/Bread (easier to prepare) 
Hot Pot & Crusty Bread / Vegan / Vegetarian options
Meditation Evenings
'See who joins us' evenings - to get together to chat and work on the 'special' calendar events (all hallows / solstice / full & new moons esp blue moons)


Website - 15
Face Book - 9
Church Leaflets - 16
Notices - 13



Thank you for visiting our website we hope to see you at one of our services
where you will find a warm and friendly environment, all are welcome.
We also welcome your comments, please let us know your views on our church,
and any ideas  you may have .Please use the Contact Us page.


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