Colour and Light.

Colour can be described as light of certain wave lengths.
Red light has the longest wave length and lowest energy among the visible colours,  which is next to infra red. Violet light has the shortest wavelength, but contains the highest energy in the electromagnetic spectrum, it is next to ultra violet, a radiation which cannot be detected by the human eye. All other colours are between these two merging into each other.

Is the colour which demands attention, associated with power, energy, vitality
            and excitement.
            People with red in their aura like a challenge and tend to live life in the fast lane,
            show emotions  and will power.  Red can mean anger and burnout. 

                   Creative, intelligent, artistic. Shows strength and positivity. 
                   Combines activity and thought.  Dark colours can show tension tiredness and

 Yellow.      Shows Knowledge through intellect, the analytical mind.
                     People with sunny dispositions and strong personality vibrate in bright
                    yellow.   Dark yellow can show bossiness, and a desire to control.

 Pink.          Divine love, compassion, self development, loyalty.

 Blue.          Inner peace 

Violet..       Shows spiritual transformation, sensitivity, visionary thinking.

Magenta.  Old souls here to heal the planet, compassionate, knowlegable, loving and
                  wise strong  personality.

White.        This includes all aspects of  colours, it shows a strong connection with
                   the inner source enlightenment , a tendency to fantasize, no grasp on reality.

Indigo.       Inspired leader, mind expansion, meditation, very gifted, can suffer
                   mood swings and depression.

Purple.      Sensitivity, visionary, spiritual, altruistic, working with the senses,
                   thought without action, ungrounded, victim.
Turquoise. Signifies a deep need for peace, divine communication, artistic talent
                   and creativity, many healers and therapists vibrate in turquoise.
                  Trustworthy and reliable.

 Green.       This symbolises the centre balanced and grounded, connected with nature
                     stability and strength, teachers. Dark green can reflect high
                     expectations and inflexibility.



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