You do not have to believe in Spiritual Healing to benefit from these wonderful energies.

The peace & tranquillity experienced whilst receiving healing is in itself a boost to the spirit within, the subtle energies can work hours, even days, after healing has been given.


Spiritual Healing is a natural energy which is universal  and is all around us every day of our lives. It is constant, a gift from GOD. This energy has been tapped into and used by people throughout the ages - from ancient to modern times.


Spiritual Healing is to be seen as a complement to conventional medicine working hand in hand to help patients recover from illness, injury, and stressful situations in life.

PS; At no time is Spiritual Healing to be seen as a replacement for a Doctors Advice/Prescription/Treatment. Always consult your G,P, if you have concerns about your Health.


Spiritual Healing is directed by healers by the laying on of hands, either by direct contact or holding the hands just within the auric field of the patient.  Absent healing can also be channeled by a healer distance being no object.


Spiritual Healing can help speed up the natural healing process of the body, and is now being recognized by people in the west. It has been accepted by eastern cultures for thousands of years where this energy is called 'PRANA' which stands for life force.



Patients receiving healing tend to experience sensations of being re-energized.  You may be aware of the energy transfer by feeling changes of temperature, a tingling experience, emotional release, deep relaxation or "pins and needles"  coming to the surface and dispersing indicating that the energies are indeed "going to work". On the other hand you may feel nothing at all.  Healing can be given for almost any illness, stress or injury as a therapy. Spiritual Healing is completely natural and has no side effects.


At the Harrogate Spiritual Healing Church,

healing is always available after the services free of charge.

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Edgar Cayce said (in his Prophetic Messages)



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