Psychic Art.

The Bangs Sisters




Psychic art takes a number of forms, its origins go way back to the dawn of history. Simply stated it is a graphical expression using pencil, pen or brush promoted into consciousness by an inner force that determines subject and the style of the composition.
The most famous of all psychic artists were the Bang sisters of Indiana who in the early part of the 20th century sat before easels and blank canvas and without touching or handling any brushes or paint were responsible through their physical mediumship for producing images instantly recognisable by members of the congregation witnessing the phenomenon. The Bangs sisters form of psychic art is called Precipitated psychic art. Their art work first became known in 1894.
There are no known such psychic artists working publicly today.

Lizzie born 1860  & May born 1864.


Precipitated portrait of North American Indian                                                       Leoly Pettingill   
Smart Weed.                                                                                   

The Mediumship of the Bangs Sisters.


It was August, in the year 1911.  A large audience has filled to capacity the auditorium at the world famous Chesterfield  Spiritualist Camp in the State of Indiana. America.  They have come to witness a demonstration of psychic power, one of the most unique and marvellous in the entire world.


A select committee has arranged beforehand that upon entering the building, all have been given a numbered ticket, the stub of which was torn off and put into a large vat to be thoroughly mixed up: later on, one stub will be randomly drawn from the collection. Now, after a close examination by the committee to see that there no markings or paint of any kind, or signs of chemical treatment, a large plain canvas is placed on an easel in the centre of the stage.  the spirit mediums who will demonstrate the phenomena now entre the auditorium, they are sisters and appear to be about 35 to 40 years of age.  Both take their seats on the rostrum, one situated on each side of the easel and clearly four to five feet from it; they will never touch the canvas throughout the entire demonstration.


A member of the committee now reaches in and selects from the vat and reads the number aloud to the audience; it belongs to Mrs Alice Alford.  Mrs Alford and her husband are now invited to come up and take a seat on the stage; they will be sitting for a portrait but in this particular instance the painting will not be of the Alfords.  The artist and the subject of the session are from a different dimension; the world of Spirits.


 When all is ready, the mediums slowly bow their heads and close their eyes as if in prayer and deep concentration: the silence in the auditorium for five straight minutes is so absolute that the air itself seems to stand still.  Suddenly, the silence in the auditorium for five full minutes is so absolute that the air itself seems to stand still.  Suddenly, many in the audience lean forward in their chairs, sitting rigidly their eyes tense and fixed on the canvas, from which a thin, vapour-like cloud, or shadow it seems, sweeps across it, pulsates, and then flickers out.

more tense moments, shades of definite colour begin to appear, as if successive layers of fine dust have been thrown, or precipitated on to the canvas to form a cloudy background and this also seems to pulsate and flicker and then quickly disappear.  On and on it goes for several minutes; the other-worldly artist seems, is making preliminary sketches, and trying out different colour schemes. 


Suddenly, all at once, the background slowly and steadily now precipitates into view; clearer and clearer it comes, only this time with it an astounding addition: three pairs of eyes have suddenly appeared on different parts of the canvas: two pairs of which are open and the last, situated directly in the centre of the canvas are closed.  the two open pairs immediately disappear and the closed eyes remain only to instantaneously disappear, the audience gasps in astonishment.


With each successive phase of the unfolding phenomena, the background becomes clearer and clearer and now, a faint outline of a face and bust slowly precipitates itself into view, disappearing and reappearing several times before remaining in focus on the canvas.  it is the unmistakable likeness of a young girl, perhaps 14 to 15 years old......many in the audience are now standing, some pointing in wonderment. Gradually, the appearance becomes more clear and more distinguishable: she is trancendently beautiful and her hair clearly auburn brown, falls luxuriously to her bare shoulders, reveald by the white dress she is wearing having been pulled down.  Her eyes are closed.

With the portrait now having completly precipitated on to the canvas, to the utter and absolute astonishment of all, the eyes suddenly open, and the audience thunders in applause.  To the front of the stage now steps the Alfords, clearly shaken by the experience, and Mr Alford announces to the gathering that the portrait is an exact likeness of their deceased daughter, Audrey.  The Alfords, as it turns out, prominent family of Marion, Indiana, are not Spiritualists in belief, and this was their first visit to Camp Chesterfield.  Mrs Alford wore around her neck, hid from sight, a locket containing a photograph of her daughter almost duplicate in likeness of the spirit picture obtained, but different in pose and position.  The mediums had not seen the locket picture of any photo of the child nor had ever made the acquaintance of the Alfords.  The finished portrait was precipitated on to the canvas in twenty-two minutes.  The spirit mediums of this extraordinary event,  THE BANGS SISTERS. 


With the vast and marvellous records of American physical mediumship, one of the most outstanding chapters belongs indeed, to the turn of the centuary mediums, Misses Elizabeth S and May E Bangs of Chicago, Illinois.  Their gifts included above board, indipendent writing in broad daylight (mostly slates) and indipendent drawing and painting: all forms of fully developed clairvoyance, materialisations, and direct voices, but their most wonderous and spectacular phenomena was that of Preciritated spirit portraits in full colour.



Coral Polge

Psychic Artist

The world - renowned British psychic artist, Coral Polge,passed into the spirit world on 29th April 2001 in Surry, England.

Coral Polge worked tirelessly across the world to promote the wonderful message of the survival of the soul after death.


Portrait of an airman.                                                      The son of Mrs Bayles of Rhodesia (S Africa)

                                                                                                                       who died  while having an operation to correct 
                                                                    a broken nose

                                                                                                                          The drawing was done as a postal reading

Coral Polge.



Frank Leah

Psychic Artist

who received through spirit the pychic portrait of  Miss Flint's healing guide

The Chief.

Frank Leah.
died 1972


The Chief.

For more information on Frank Leah
and his amazing psychic art
there is a book by Paul Miller called

ISBN 978-0-9557050-5-2
printed by Lightening Source.

This is a wonderful book about Frank Leah and his spiritual work,
a good read.

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