Spirit Photography 

William Hope.

Born in Crew England
1863 - 1933.

A carpenter by trade began taking glass plate spirit photographs in 1905

William Hope became one of the premier spirit photographers of the early 20th centuary, through his mediumistic gift he caught hundreds of likenesses of his sitters' dead relatives and friends on film most were claimed as accurate by family members.


It is the general view of many researchers into psychic phenomena that the spirit people impress their thoughts onto the sensitive photographic plates making a thought form which is then captured onto the plate.


The Rev Charles L Tweedale and Mrs Tweedale
with the spirit form of the F Burnett, Mrs Tweedales father,
taken Sept 5th 1919.

Rev Tweedale was the author of the books Man's Survival after Death (1919 )
and News from the Next World  (1940 )

Mrs Hortence Leverson
and the spirit of her deceased husband
Major Leverson.  1931.

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