A Message to All from

The Chief.
Through the Mediumship of Miss A.R. Flint.

Miss Flints Healing Guide
The Chief.

I would like to send a message of love and peace through my 'cloak' and of hope for the days to come. First of all, to those who work in our ministry of healing, please remember that my Band and myself are always with you in the Healing Temple and I shall still contact my patients.
Your medium, whom I speak of as my 'cloak' has for years followed out any wish or desire we have had or have asked for the Great White Spirit and the healing Band.
The time has come when the physical body is fast wearing out, but the soul is stronger than ever.
Many have asked, and this question will always be put to many, why does one who has accomplished such miracles in healing work have to suffer.
The normal span of life on the Earth plane is three score years and ten, but my 'cloak' has spent far more in her physical body, and this physical now cries out for rest.
It is part of the Earth life to know how to suffer, to be in a world of matter but yet all the time not be part of it, but forever reaching out to greater and higher things.
This message to you is to ask for loyalty to God and your Church, and to think of this medium who, by her wonderful spirit, personality and love has enabled us to give much to the children of Earth for so long. They each remember the beauty of your Temple and its work. Much seed has been sown for the love of God in this work, and one day many of you will be able to see the results of this service and sacrifice by my 'cloak'.
My Chief helper and those I call my Little helpers, (Williams and Taylors) have seen much work accomplished and I know each would ask for your support for God and Spirit so that all who enter my Temple may find that peace and beauty which all children of earth now seek and can not find.
So let the thought of your Prayer Circle now be that my 'cloak' may have that peace and joy in the knowledge that you are all keeping the work going and if it is God's plan, she may return to work amongst you once again. She is one who has given much and used the gifts of Spirit, which are only lent to children of Earth for their joy in the service of others.
Once again, I beseech you, stand firm, work and give yourselves likewise in service and repeat with me the words of the Communion guide-

'Breathe on me breath of God,
Fill me with life anew,
That I may love what Thou didst love,
And do, what Thou wouldst do.'

My love, prayers and blessings be with you all,
His peace remain with you, and in your work, with the urge to spend and be spent, in the service of the Great White Spirit always.

God Bless You All.

December 1966.

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