There are many methods of making contact with the spirit world.
Spiritualism as we know it today began in Hydesville New York USA  in March 1848 with the sensational happenings around the Fox Sisters.


Mental Mediumship.


In mental mediumship the spirit world communicates through the mind by impressing thoughts and feelings upon the Medium. Not everyone will be able to perceive what is being seen, or heard by the medium,  this is a very fast energy which moves at lightening speed.


The categories are listed below.


CLAIRVOYANCE  or clear seeing - the Medium can see the spirit person and describe them. This ability to see, commonly known as the third eye, allows the medium to describe what loved ones from the world of spirit look like. This can be subjective, within the minds eye, or objective, whereby the medium will be able to view spirit outside the mind as they, the spirit person moves around.

Having visions, seeing moving or still images in the mind, eyes can be closed or open.

CLAIRAUDIENCE or clear hearing - the Medium hears the spirit person and can relay information given to them. This includes hearing music and other sounds that are not of a physical source.

CLAIRSENTIENCE or clear feeling - the Medium feels the presence of the spirit, which also can include conditions of illnesses from which a person passed into the spirit world. "Gut feelings" come under this category. People who are strong in this ability are usually very sensitive to energies and emotions of other people. 

Many Mediums use all three methods which are blended together giving the best evidence that the information is coming from the spirit world.

When mediums train they will sit in a development circle. It is here they learn to make contact with the spirit world and develop their sensitivity by tuning in to the subtle energies. Some people develop their skills very quickly, whilst others may take a number of years, there are no set rules. All of these senses can be learned by development but you will find that certain ones will be stronger.


  CLAIRCOGNIZANCE or clear knowing.  Premonitions come under this category, having an inner knowing of certain situations about people, places and events before they happen, not having any other information which could have been a link, in other words just knowing.


CLAIRALIENCE or clear smelling, e.g smelling your mothers favourite perfume or flower whilst in a closed room, cigarettes, pipe tobacco etc can all be an indication that a spirit person is around you, it is their way of trying to let you know they are still around. This type of sensing is very common in haunted areas.


CLAIRAMBIENCE  or clear tasting, linked with clairalience - tasting things without having eaten them. Often relates to spirit communication.


Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is the term used when spirit communicates through writing. It differs from inspired writing in that spirit control the pen with automatic writing so that the handwriting (when this is done by an experienced medium) will be the same as the person's handwriting was when they were on the Earth. Many mediums who use this method will hold the pen in their left hand (if they are right-handed) or vice versa. It makes no difference how the pen is held - it is spirit who are doing the writing - not the medium.

Trance Control

Deep trance mediumship is the ability to allow yourself to be controlled
by the spirit guide / communicator in a much deeper way than normal clairvoyance. The guide controls body and mind.



Yes psychic information can come through dreams and this is a very common occurrence although often symbolic, just because you dream of a tragic happening does not mean to say this is going to happen, dreaming of a death for instance would probably be symbolic of transformation, starting something new in life , a new direction.  It would be helpful to start by studying symbolism and then ultimately think about what various symbols convey to you in this way you will be able to learn to read your dreams.


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